The affiliates program

30% Recurring Commission
(aka, FOREVER)

Earn a whopping 30% commission for ALL future payments from users who sign up via your affiliate link.
Thirty-percent. Every month. Forever. Yes, really...
$50 USD minimum withdrawal Once your approved balance reaches at least $50, you can request a withdrawal.

How does it work?

1. Sign up for u.Page (free) ✏️ Simply sign up for either a free or paid u.Page account. Easy peasy... Lemon squeezee... Rice and cheesy...
2. Share your custom referral link 📣 Start promoting your referral link anywhere you can to bring in new users. Promote on social media, text your friends, email your colleagues, and tell your significant other that "it's over" unless they sign up.
3. Start making moola 🤑 🙏🏻 Once your referred users start paying, you'll get paid as well. You can maybe then use some of that money to win back the ex you dumped in Step 2 because they refused to sign up for u.Page...
4. Cash it out, again and again! 🏦 😎 Request a withdrawal, and you'll be paid via your selected form of payment.

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